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Past Events

Soul Works
August 2019

Rose Cannon of Cannon Fine Art in collaboration with Artist and Curator, Fran Joy, brought "Soulworks," a collection of art by artists of color, both renowned and emerging, to 1100 Florence Gallery in Evanston.

1100 Florence Gallery Pop Up
Curated 2019 Winter Arts and Craft Expo
November - December 2019

Cannon Fine Art Gallery, featuring the artwork of William Kwahmena-Poh.

Evanston Art Center
Celebration of 2020 Black History Month
1100 Gallery, Evanston Illinois

Soul Works II group show presented by Fran Joy, Rose Cannon,  Debra Salter, Cherie Lockett and Tasha Jehan. The show featured craftwork screens by Debra Salter and pottery by Cherie Lockett, artwork of Fran Joy and Tasha Jehan, and the artwork of William Kwahmena-Poh.

February 2020
Soul Works Comes to the Evanston Art Center:
Parts I and II
Evanston Art Center

The group show was curated by the Soulworks team of Fran Joy and Rose Cannon, and (due to pandemic restrictions) was shown solely in the windows of the Evanston Art Center.  An eclectic and exciting array of artwork was shown, which included Black American, Creole, African, Caribbean and Japanese artists. 


The smaller April 2020 show was a 'test pivot' to inside viewing of artwork after closure of the center due to pandemic restrictions. This larger, inside show in  June and July 2020 featured the following artists:  William Kwamena-Poh, Alpha Bruton, Baz Cumberbatch, Michel Delgado, David Geary, Myah Grinnell, Tadaaki Hatta, Fran Joy, Suanne Rayner, Debra Salter, and Jevoid Simmons.

April 2020 and June - July 2020
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