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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Interview by Alpha Bruton, Curator, Phantom Gallery Chicago with Rose Cannon

August 8, 2020

Showcasing inclusion, diversity, and equity with artists of color in the creative world. The purpose of the art show is to showcase inclusion, diversity, and equity with artists of color in the creative world. Rose Cannon of Cannon Fine Art in collaboration with Artist and Curator, Fran Joy, brought ‘SOULWORKS’, a collection of art by artists of color, both renowned and emerging, to the Evanston Art Center. June 15 – July 5, 2020. The Virtual Celebration was held on Thursday, June 18th, from 6-8pm. The group show included Black American, Creole, African, Caribbean, and Japanese artists, exhibiting an eclectic and exciting array of artwork.

CANNON FINE ART GALLERY, LLC (developing virtual and online only at this time) is a new Evanston entrepreneurial business owned and operated by Rose M. Cannon, June 2019 graduate of the Sunshine Enterprises Community Business Academy, Evanston, Illinois cohort.

Since opening her Art Gallery in June 2019, Rose has purchased her art stock directly from an eclectic group of professional and amateur artists, many residing in the Evanston and Chicagoland areas. Rose’s gallery is currently representing to the Northshore the artwork of international artists: Michel Delgado, William Kwamena-Poh, and David Niari. She also owns artwork for sale from many other local artists, and her artwork is available to be shown on request online. Rose has curated and exhibited her gallery’s artwork in multiple shows in 2019 at the 1100 Gallery of Evanston, and at the Evanston Art Center.

On Friday 7/3, she spoke on an International Forum with Black Activists from the UK and 2 American literary and poetry artists from the US. Produced by Seven from Solutionairies Media Network in the UK.

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