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Jevoid Simmons


Jevoid Simmons is a 40-year resident of Evanston, IL. He and his life partner (wife) Dickelle Fonda are proud parents of Seth Simmons. Seth also resides in Evanston. Simmons retired two and a half years ago after a 35-year career in management as a human resourceprofessional.


David Niarimakes illustrations, paintings and mixed media artworks. By referencing romanticism, grand-guignolesque black humour and symbolism, his drawings references post-colonial theory as well as the avant-garde or the post-modern and the left-wing democratic movement as a form of resistance against the logic of the capitalist market system.

Michael Kwamena-Poh


Fran Joy


Born in Adukrom, Ghana, Africa on February 12, 1960
BA, Sociology Talladega College, AL 1984
Resident of Savannah, GA 1995 – Present
Studio located in City Market, Historic District, Savannah, GA

The purpose behind my work is to show the power, strength, and triumph of the human spirit. As I witness the loss of life and humanity throughout the world, I am drawn to those who believe that the power of their faith and the strength of their spirit and character are what truly matters and will make a difference in life. In my own spiritual journey, heavy losses have made each blessing more meaningful and relative to whom I have become. In some images I have emphasized the eyes that are windows to the soul. I’m going for their essence more than their exact look.

Michel Delgado

Growing up in Senegal, on the west coast of Africa, life and art shared the same space. They were indistinguishable. As a young boy in Dakar, I learned that art is the tool I have for a direct and honest conversation with my own heart. Art always has been my rescuer, my liberator – creatively, emotionally, spiritually. I’m a self-taught painter, able to create in any media, always painting work that is straightforward and personal, work coming from a place within me that is constantly loud and growing.

Sholo Beverly

I am a mixed media intuitive artist living on the northside of Chicago. I am a 53 year old single mother of two that has always only prioritized my children and my art for the last twenty years. I have learned embracing my mistakes make for a better understanding of what the universe wants for my art. I like to consider myself a self taught artist learning through the organic shapes in nature and the energy of the female body.

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